Tanjo Glider is foolhardy, selfish, and doesn't listen well: many would say this makes him a typical Nomad warrior. Tanjo may be able to rob from the rich and give to ...well... himself, but he might just have bitten off more than even he can chew as Edem sits on the eve of alien invasion.


Phasellus mattis tincidunt nibh.




The Junkman



Geeples takes place millions of years in our own future. Humanity, if it still exists, is unknown to the civilizations of the Government of Urban Planets or their enemies, the Ebian Alliance. Races like the Spegelie, Blobyons, Gairoknots and the Gishurians are tens of thousands of years or more advanced than 21st century Earth.


Homeword: The Rift Worlds
Allegiance: Ebian Alliance
Binoculoids are foot soldiers of their Ebian overlords. They are distaint realitives to the Gishurians and Segaltyloids sharing an acquatic, mammalian ancestry. Their ecolocation ablities are matched with incredible vision as their homeworld is a rocky planetoid almost deviod of visible light.


Homeword: Blobyon-3
Allegiance: Government of Urban Planets
Peaceful farmers by temperment and more plant than animal, Blobyons are allies of the Gairknots and Gishurians - the founding races of the Government of Urban Planets. Long at war with their planetary neighbors, the Egie, they have recently known peace. Now a new enemy, the warlike Ebians amd their subject planets, threaten all that the Blobyons and their friends have worked so hard for.


Homeword: Divin
Allegiance: Neutral
Possessing a culture that many would claim is primitive, Dextels are nonetheless highly intelligent primates whose value peace above all else. Driven to war with the Ebian invaders has pushed these gliding, forest-dwellers to turn to violence and almost as disturbing, the knowledge that they are not alone in the universe.


Homeword: Ebia
Allegiance: Ebain Alliancel
Natives of a toxic and hostile world, Ebians long ago became a marshal species. Long bred to be competitive, suspicious and violent, Ebians have their collective gaze set on greener and softer planets. While not naturally evil creatures, their culture of violence and their subjugation of other races has posioned their minds and made them dangerous to all other beings in the galaxy.


Homeword: Blobuon-5
Allegiance: Government of Urban Planets
Shape-shifting beings from the Blobyon solar system, these one-time enemies of the Blobyons have recently joined the Government of Urban Planets.


Homeword: Knot
Allegiance: Government of Urban Planets
One of the founding races of the Government of Urban Planets, the Gairoknot Kingdom has endured thousands of years. One of the few species to be contacted long ago by the ancient and powerful Spegelie, the Gairoknots are miners and warriors. Traders in Trillium, the hardest known element. Their homeworld of Knot is large and the gravity has produced a species of great physical strength and determination. Their planet was briefly attacked by the Ebians, but there is now a truce as the Ebians plot their next move.

"Geeples" or Edemen